Lipreading Practice

Useful Information about lipreading

Emergency Calls.

If you are very hard of hearing and find it difficult to hear on the telephone you can register your text phone with the emergency services and you are then able to text for assistance.

The advice is to continue to try through normal channels until you have received a reply BUT the service is there!

Lipreading Classes.

In some areas lipreading classes are available and at reduced costs but places are not being taken up.

I urge you to go to the lessons – if they are not used it will look as if they are not needed and the lessons will not be available in the future.

Please, please try them out. I am confident that you will find them interesting, useful and FUN! You will also make new friends there.

Loop Systems.

It has been demonstrated recently on the BBC programme “Inside Out East” that loop systems are not being used properly in some shops. We need to ask for the loop system not only to be provided but to be ready for use and for the shop assistants to know how to use it.


The more we use it the easier it will be to use it. Please ask about loop systems when you are shopping.

Communicating on a phone.

Choose a phone that is best for you BUT remember you need to find the best place to hold your phone near to your ear.

Try different positions and see where is the best place for you to hold the phone so that the speaker can be picked up by your microphone the most clearly.


Always check out your tinnitus with your GP. You can also get help and advice from Action on Hearing loss and from the British Tinnitus Association. There are new therapies being trialled and you can find out about them on the websites. See the useful resources page for their contact details.