Lipreading Practice

More thoughts on Lipreading

Hello I'm Gloria McGregor.

Practising lipreading through the website sessions can help but nothing can match the fun and interaction that you will have if you go to a lipreading class or support group. It's a good opportunity for swapping useful strategies and chatting in a safe environment. I made some fantastic friends through lipreading classes and I hope that you will too!

Remember that when you are lipreading people speaking, they will not always be in exactly the right position for you. It's important to know this and also to recognise that even in lipreading classes what is good for you may not be good for others and vice versa. We all do our best to ensure that others can lipread us easily BUT it can often be mission impossible. Remember too that in a lipreading class or video session one has the opportunity to stop and revisit what may have been unclear to us. It is not always possible in everyday life to do this.

Lastly, may I say a very big thank you for all your comments and critiques which have been studied with care. It has been astounding to receive so much feedback not only from the UK but also from the USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, Singapore, China and France. I have also been pleased that my work is being included in programmes of study by professionals both at home and abroad to complement their own lipreading classes. My visit to Hé University , Shenyang, China in 2013 to speak to 2000 students at the beginning of their further education was one of the most exciting things I have experienced and it was a privilege to be asked to speak. I will continue to do my best to make lipreading a priority for all of us who need it.

Many thanks to you all.