Lipreading Practice

Evelyn Glennie has been profoundly deaf since the age of 12, having started to lose her hearing from the age of 8. This does not inhibit her ability to perform at an international level. She regularly plays barefoot during both live performances and studio recordings to feel the music better

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Aims of the site

This collection of lipreading sessions has been put together by Gloria McGregor.

The aims are to:

  • share my lipreading experiences and skills.
  • create an active, interesting and informative learning experience.
  • enable people to develop and practise lipreading skills in a safe environment.
  • encourage people to have a positive attitude to lipreading and to their own performance.
  • enable people to have more confidence when in conversation in a variety of situations.
  • provide information in a variety of areas that may be useful.
  • encourage people to take part in any lipreading courses or support groups that are available in their area.
  • to encourage people to see what is available from the various useful organisations supporting those with hearing loss

NB: If you were following a course in a lipreading group it could take between two and four years of 30 sessions per year, to complete all the sessions. Take your time and don't feel you have to rush through the sessions.

The site includes:-

  • some ideas about lipreading
  • tips and strategies that could be useful to you
  • Local, National and International organisations that may also be useful to you.
  • Video clips of the consonant sounds with accompanying exercises
  • Video clips of the vowel sounds and accompanying exercises.
  • There are also video clips to practise the use of rhythm, numbers and some games to encourage recognition of speech.
  • You will also find suggestions for useful phrases that may help prepare for such things as making/attending appointments and other situations.
  • As it becomes possible, news articles and new assistive devices may be featured to ensure that everyone has knowledge of new developments and what is available.
  • If there is anything in particular that you would like to see featured please bring this to my attention and I will do my best to respond.