Lipreading Practice

A retune to improve the quality of my hearing.

10 March 2019


This has been a relatively quiet week.   Last Saturday I had a retuning session. I didn’t think I had been hearing so well over the last month or two.

I had a pre retune meeting with my tutor and tests showed that I was not hearing so well with my right ear.

After discussion with my tutor and my audiologist my right processor was checked and amazingly, it had reset itself. This was corrected and I could hear much more clearly with my right ear. Now the tests showed that I was hearing much more clearly with my right ear.

We were going to adjust my left processor but every time it was altered, voices sound like frogs under water. The setting was restored and with both my processors I can hear very well again. It was very strange and I’m glad that all is well now.

 Today my sister and brother in law came to lunch and it was such fun to be able to join in with the jokes and follow the conversation without straining all the time to hear and lipread. Fantastic.

The coming week is very busy with events every day and visitors at the weekend. Before I had my cochlear implants I restricted the number of functions I went to so that I could rest in between them but now there seems to be something every day. I’m so pleased that I am able to join in like this. I’m often tired but it’s a HAPPY tired feeling.

Hope those of you have had cochlear implants are as happy with them as I am!