Lipreading Practice

Catch up

26 January 2019

Hello Happy New Year! I hope 2019 will be very good to you and your family.

Sorry for the very long silence. I had some computer problems and also have been very busy, plus like nearly everyone else I know, I have had a recurring cold and cough.

Christmas nearly overtook me and it was a last minute scramble to get everything ready in time.

Now here we are almost at the end of January.   Next month my website will have a new look and I hope you will find it easy to use and be able to use it on more of your IT devices.

I will give you the date very soon.  

Over Christmas and the new year we have had a series of water leaks and problems with our cedntral heating . Now the third one has been sorted let's hope life will be more water tight.

Having been involved in many large group activities, my cochlear implants have been so valuable to me.   I still find some situations difficult and these are mainly in the modern restaurants that have hard surfaces and no carpets, curtains or other soft furnishings to help absorb the background noise. I can still manage reasonably well providing I sit with my back to the wall and facing other guests. Lipreading is great for clarifying what I think I am hearing.

Next week will be quite challenging as I am going to China for a week. It is a business trip with my husband so there will be meetings, trips and dinners to attend. I am hoping to have an interesting and successful time with the aid of my cochlears’!! Will let you know how I get on.

Several more people have emailed me telling me about their experiences with their implants. We all have the same experience - we have to work at it to get the maximum benefit from them. So keep up the good work and I will speak to you again soon. Best Wishes.