Lipreading Practice

how wonderful?

11 September 2018

I was away this weekend and had a great time meeting many friends and colleagues. I attended two large group dinners and despite the size of the groups and the noise of people speaking simultaneously, I managed quite well. I had a very interesting and enjoyable time. Such a relief!!

On Monday I saw my grandchildren for the first time in a month and heard about their holiday and their first days back at school. Such a joy to be able to hear them reasonably well and to have a real conversation with them.

Monday evening, I went with a friend to see the performance of “Invisible Music”. It was incredible!!!

The words of the lipreaders group, aptly described the emotions, thoughts and feelings that most of us with hearing loss have had. Their stories could be all our stories. The music reflected the ideas put forward as did the visuals. There were some scripts shown and they too became distorted with the music. Sometimes the music was melodic and beautiful and sometimes dis chord. For hearing people, it gave a real insight into the challenges facing those with hearing loss. And it was done through an entertaining medium. It was over too quickly.

There are more performances in the coming months and there may be one near you. If you should go – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Wonderful!