Lipreading Practice

update to 6th September

06 September 2018

The last few weeks have been very busy. We had some friends to visit but it was a sad occasion as we were attending the funeral of a very dear friend. We had dinner together the night before the funeral and spent much of the time remembering all the happy times that we had had together.  The service was very nice - it was humanist celebration of life.  I could hear every word so that was good and again we were with many friends for the rest of the day. The following day we set off for Norfolk where we spent a few days; then we spent a weekend in Scotland, the following weekend in Cornwall and this weekend we will be in Wiltshire.

We had a quiet time in Scotland, but we were busy preparing for an event there next September. Although we were working, we found it very relaxing and met some interesting people who were also staying at our hotel. Despite varying accents, I managed quite well. I also found I could listen to and frequently recognise music that I used to listen to before my hearing loss. We played CDs in the car on our long journey to Scotland. I was thrilled to find that I really could hear the tune and understand the words for many songs.

We spent a long weekend in Cornwall for a friend’s birthday and again I was able to join in the whole time. Great!

Yesterday I was in London for a lunch with 80-100 people. I could hear the reports through the microphone – no loop system. I found it a bit difficult during the drinks reception but so did most people. I thought I did really well during the lunch and I met some very interesting people.   This has given me confidence for my busy year ahead in the City.

I received an email from Catherine (see information below) and I am going to see the performance on Monday 10 September at 7.30pm.   I will let you know what it is like in case you may wish to see it, if there is a performance near you.

"it is a beautiful piece of music inspired by people who are learning to lip read based in Winchester –

with projected sur- titles in the show and a full transcription of the piece (the words in the music) in the programme. World class musicians it is a total

one off visit to Cambridge Junction.

It is PERFECT for people who want to know how the world feels for people with hearing loss and accessible for people with hearing loss."

Catherine Church Artistic Director PLATFORM 4 07711809249 INVISIBLE MUSIC TOURING MAY & AUTUMN 2018 promo here:

T: 4Platform