Lipreading Practice

Another month has passed

02 November 2018

I cannot believe it has been a month since I last updated my blog!! The time has flown by. We have had many lunches, formal dinners and other events to attend. It has been quite hectic trying to keep up with everything.   My husband and I went to Belfast for an evening dinner and were home by half past one the following afternoon. We have met some amazing people and visited some astonishingly beautiful venues. I have been nervous before each event but have managed very well and have met some really interesting and friendly people.

At one event there was live music and I stayed too long in a noisy environment which aggravated my tinnitus. Several weeks later it is getting better. Remember to take care of your ears in noisy situations!!   I have been to some large lunches and teas on my own and found that I could hear pretty well. People are very kind too.

Another of my friends is having trouble with her cochlear. The magnet has slipped down and there is no longer room for her earpiece behind her ear. At the moment it looks like she will need an operation to put it right again. Let’s hope it can be put right quickly and easily. I have heard of one other person who has had this, but she had her cochlear implant about ten years ago or more.

Fingers crossed I am still finding my ears a revelation. I find high voices are a bit tinny and more difficult to hear than lower pitched voices but at least I can hear them! I also find that I am very tired after concentrating on hearing for long periods of time, but I am sure I will get better at it. On the 30th October I went with my grandchildren on a miniature railway for Halloween. It was beautiful, a bit spooky but not too frightening so I was alright! We were all dressed up and the children loved it! It was great to hear them chattering about it over their hot chocolate and biscuits.

My husband and I are off to Dublin this weekend for a formal dinner and then next week is the lead up to the Lord Mayor’s Show. This will be a busy weekend as it is Remembrance Day on the day after the Lord Mayor’s Show. Very exciting and I do realise how lucky I am, not only to be there, but to be able to hear what is going on.

Hope you have a good week and enjoy the fireworks if you are going to a display - but again remember to look after your ears.

Happy days.