Lipreading Practice


20 August 2018

It has been a long haul relearning the sounds heard in my right implant. At first it was quite demoralising not to be able to recognise sounds that I previously knew very well. However, when I wear both cochlear processors I have marvellous hearing. My tutor has been very patient with me and oh so helpful, steadily clearing the mist and helping me to regain the sound discrimination.

Over the last two weeks I have been to coffee mornings, dinner parties and many other events, including a service where I didn’t need to use the loop system. I still have to pinch myself when I hear discussions, talks etc and I can hear what is said!! It is a wonderful feeling. One of the most amazing experiences is NOT having to tell people I have a hearing loss and cannot hear them. I know I still use my lipreading skills but these together with my improved hearing make conversations an enjoyable experience and not something I used to dread. My friends have been so supportive and have said how wonderful it is that I can join in the conversation all around the table, in noisy pubs and other places. I couldn’t agree more. I feel as though I have a permanent smile on my face.

In two weeks’ time my busy year begins and I find I am quite excited at the thought of meeting so many new people and finding about more about the different lives they have. The next thing on my to do list is to listen to music again. Fingers crossed!!