Lipreading Practice

A hectic Weekend

06 August 2018

Well my weekend was great!

On Saturday, I had dinner with my son and his extended family at a very nice restaurant. It was huge, modern and very noisy but I managed very well. The food was excellent and the service very good and very friendly. I had a tour of the kitchens. It was very hot and again quite noisy, but I could chat to the manager easily. So uplifting. Such a different experience these days!

On Sunday I had two hours with my tutor and then went to my nephews for a BBQ he was putting on for my sister’s birthday. She didn’t know we were coming so it was a real surprise. The two young children were delightful, and I even joined in the singing of Happy Birthday when they came in with their presents and a cake for her. I could follow a lot of what they were saying despite my having difficulty with high pitched voices. My brother in law could hardly believe how much easier it is now to have a conversation.

We left after about 4 hours and our own visitors arrived soon after. We had a lovely evening chatting in the garden.

Today I have had another two hours with my tutor and have been practising listening to sounds with my right implant which has been altered a little to balance more accurately with my right implant. Every time you have a retune you have to practise and get used to the sounds again, but it is worth it. Well off into town now so will catch up again soon.