Lipreading Practice

My holiday and the next week

04 August 2018

Our holiday was wonderful! We did very little except sit in the shade and watch our younger family enjoy themselves in the pool.  The pool was welcome when a cool down was needed. This is the first holiday, for a very long time, where I have been able to join in the conversations and have not felt isolated and wanting to go home after 3 or 4 days. Fantastic!! We had wonderful food and conversations, sometimes with a BBQ, sometimes in a restaurant.  It was such fun to see the little three year old enjoying himself with his parents and grandparents.  Great!

It seems such a long time ago. Once back we had many events to go to and I’m pleased to say that I could hear very well and join in the discussions. We also had some social events and I found these much better too.

Whilst travelling to another meeting re hearing loss, my husband and I were stuck in a traffic jam and I found that I could listen to the radio!!! This has not happened since the 1980’s.

With my tutor I am trying to follow what she says against loud background music. I still have a bit of work to do here. Also, at my last re-tune I think I didn’t ask for the right settings. I am still working on my vowel sounds because people sound more normal, but I have lost a bit of clarity. This can be put right next time.

I have started an online linguistics course for interest’s sake. It’s very interesting and so relevant both to lipreading and hearing. Again, I’m pleased to say I can hear what is said and don’t have to rely on the subtitles!!

Yesterday I took my 11-year-old granddaughter out for the day. We had a wonderful time and it was such an interesting and joyful experience to hear what she was saying to me - even in the car and in the restaurant at lunchtime. I look forward to more times like this.

We have a busy weekend with social functions today and tomorrow and visitors coming tomorrow evening. I find I now look forward to going out. What a difference my implants have made.