Lipreading Practice

win some - lose some

10 March 2018

On Sunday I went to dinner with some friends in a restaurant.   There were four of us and we were the only ones there.   Our friends were already sitting down when we arrived, and I was asked to sit next to my lady friend.  This would have been good except that it meant that my cochlear would have been facing the empty space.  I explained that it would be better if I sat in the opposite chair so that my cochlear would be in a good position for hearing and I swapped places with my husband and could hear all round the table!!

On Monday I had a good session with my tutor and decided to go ahead with an implant on my left ear. I wanted to see my consultant to discuss this. I made an appointment over the telephone myself. It was difficult, but I did it! I am gradually regaining my independence. To my astonishment I could see my consultant the next day – Wednesday.  

On Wednesday following my exercise class where I can now hear the instructor (Marvellous) I went to the hospital.   As you know I think I can hear better with my hearing aid these days, but a hearing test showed that the hearing in my left ear had deteriorated further!  I am now waiting for an appointment and everything else needed to set this second implant in motion.  I don’t have to have tests because both ears were tested last year and both ears met the criteria for a cochlear implant.  Fingers crossed.

Thursday was a relatively quiet day but on Friday I went to an International Women’s Day event.  I had already checked to see if there was a loop system and had been told that there was one, so I was very excited. The speakers were amazing women and I couldn’t wait to hear them speak.  There was a breakfast beforehand and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to hear other people in the hubbub, BUT I found that I could hold a conversation. Hooray!!  Then into the Hall for the speakers.   What a disappointment. No matter what I tried I could not hear. I’m pretty sure there was no loop system or if there was, I was sitting in the wrong position for it to work for me.  There were TV screens all around the room, so I could see the speakers – not always the whole of their faces – but it was too difficult to lipread from the screens.  I could tell how good they were from the other ladies’ reactions and it was a miserable few hours being excluded from the obviously very good speeches.  I have put details of this on my feedback form and given my email address so that if it was appropriate I could be contacted to discuss this further.  Wait and see.  It was good to take part in the event and I did make some very useful and interesting contacts.

Well this weekend is Mother’s Day so if you’re off out I hope you have a very happy time and a happy hearing weekend.