Lipreading Practice

Time for a retune - Will it work?

04 March 2018

Yesterday, despite the weather, my tutor and audiologist (IT specialist extraordinaire!) arrived.  They were both very confident that soon all would be well. I just had to identify as precisely as possible what I was hearing and what effect it was having on the clarity of speech heard.   This is so difficult!!  Trying to pinpoint what the speech sounds like to me is very challenging but it is very important to get this right. With great patience and lots of “tweaking” we finally arrived at a really good sound for me!! His level of expertise is phenomenal. I WANTED TO HUG HIM!  Today I am still really happy and can hear my husband again! Domestic bliss resumed!! My husband said “there is always a downside to everything!”

I am now convinced that I would benefit from having a second implant and am going to discuss this with my tutor tomorrow.  If any of you have begun your journey to a cochlear implant I hope it will be as successful as mine has been.