Lipreading Practice

An amazing experience!

06 December 2017

Wow, I’m so amazed and pleased with myself!!! Yesterday I went to a large lunch event with over a 100 people at the reception and meal.  I was really nervous on the journey to London as I was not sure if I was going to be able to cope.  I was not sitting near my husband at this event, so I would not have his support in the event of my not hearing.  I managed OK at the reception but was with friends, who were wonderfully supportive.  Then came the dinner.  I knew the person on my right quite well but obviously couldn’t expect him to give me his undivided attention.  I had to work hard and concentrate, especially when listening to people on my left (my cochlear is on the right side). BUT I was delighted to find that I could hear reasonably well, and I was able to take part in conversations in all directions and mostly was able to follow the change in direction of the conversations.   This was the first time I have felt that I have played an inclusive part in a large event! It goes without saying that I was incredibly tired and slept for most of the journey home and during the evening, but I cannot tell you how exhilarated I felt after this experience.

This evening I have another large event and I’m hoping that I will do as well as I did yesterday - fingers crossed.