Lipreading Practice

First day of auditory training

30 August 2017

When I put my processor on I was so aware of how many different and varied noises I could hear.  The stairs squeaking and my shoes squeaking as well. I could hear the kettle boiling and the beeping of timers on the kitchen gadgets.  Incredible - I have always had to rely on a vibrating timer that jumps all over the work surface up until today!!

Today was my first auditory training day.   First we went over all the different pieces of equipment that are needed, then some paperwork. Then to work.  First we went over days of the week.  It is amazing how at first it seems impossible and then gradually it begins to fall into place. I am still not totally competent but getting there.   The same with months of the year. First we looked at single words then they were put into sentences.  No peaking just listen!!!   My Tutor is very good and patient. She makes sure that you will succeed but it's astonishing how tiring it is trying to make sense of what you hear.  Hearing is very strange at the moment.  I'm trying to use just the implant and words do not always make sense. It went well -  It was very tiring.    I'm doing very well really but oh so tired!!  

Had conversations with my husband during the day with some success.  I tried to watch the television and could make out some of the words without using the subtitles.

My nightly routine of charging batteries and drying the processor done - off to bed.